Okay I know you’re looking at the subject line and wondering what gives?  Well let me explain.  There comes a time in every homeowner life that they will have to face the inevitable…termites!  Yuck. Whether it is to keep your home protected from said creatures or if you had the unpleasant experience of being invaded by them. The very thought of the word makes my skin crawl but guess what truth of the matter is I have just had the unpleasant experience of being invaded by doggone termites.


Toddler, cats, and termites?  It’s not enough room in here for us all…



I have a toddler, a cat, and now termites? Oh my!  Exactly.  I thought the same thing when invaded.  My cat was the first one who brought the termites to my attention.  He began to mosey around a certain area in another room in the house and because he was hovering, it made me wonder what was going on.  Come to find out, there were some little things that were definitely smaller than flies that were flying around, and a LOT of them. If this is grossing you out, imagine how I was feeling while it was happening.

Termites and education


So of course I did NOT waste any time calling the Termix man and he could not arrive there soon enough let me tell ya.  He took maybe one look at the room that was now quarantined off and explained that was a familiar site and yes it was termites.  My next question was how soon can you get them out?  He began to explain that this time of year (between March and May to be exact) they come out, form colonies, mate, and begin to feed.  I learned so much about termites in one day than I learned about Criminal Justice in two years of studying to gain my degree.

You can learn a lot of termites


If you have ever seen a termite, you will know that they are some of the smallest creatures in the world but their impact is huge.  How is it that those little things can destroy houses if left unattended?  I began to marvel at the little termite and think about life as we know it.  The reason termites can destroy a house is simply because they all have the same goal in mind and it is a lot of them thinking the same thing so when they form a team (or several teams) and work together, they can tear down an entire building.

Termites are big in a little way all from learning the importance of teamwork


Someone once taught me that “teamwork makes the dream work” and I could not agree with them more.  The power of a team is HUGE and if you decide to team up and become great you can accomplish greater things even if you feel like you are small.  Want to join a team that is going places and making a huge impact all over the world?

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Be like a termite and join a team to have a greater impact and empower others alike


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Work hard, nap hard


You know the old saying, work hard, play hard, well leave it up to Si from Duck Dynasty and he has revised it a little by saying work hard and nap hard. If you have ever watched even one episode of Duck Dynasty you know that Si is like the main attraction. J  I dug up a clip and would love for you to take a gander at it.

Si shows us how to work hard and nap hard

I like how he says, “take a sip of tea” he is super hilarious!  You know they say you can’t pick your relatives but if I was related to Si I don’t think I would have a problem with that because how can you ever get mad at him?

Instead of work hard nap hard how about work less nap more?

nap hard2  nap hard

There is something just plain magical about taking a nap during the day.  It not only rejuvenates you but it also makes you feel a little more confident and that’s always a plus.  I don’t know who came up with the idea of working hard 8 hours a day but I think that is baloney!  I don’t think I could ever go work for anyone else in my life because now that I know what freedom feels like, nothing else will do for me.

If you had a choice of working hard for 8 hours or 1 hour which one would you choose?  If you picked the latter, then I like you because we think alike J but if you are one that likes to work 8 hour days, then please don’t click here to join a business that shows you how to only work one hour (or less in most cases) per day and make money while enjoying your life.  But if you really want to decide to change your life by increasing your value, join my team while you can and then you too can enjoy taking naps during the day while everyone else is working hard for little money.

What will it take for you to work hard and nap hard?

nap hard4

If you work a job do you even have an opportunity to take a nap?  Well if not, that’s unfortunate because I try to nap everyday J if it sounds like I am throwing it up in your face then I am doing my job well.  Okay that’s enough time for me almost about nap time here so enough with the small talk.  Are you ready to get in yet?  Click here and see you in dreamland.


I know you have heard the popular song by Otis Redding called, “Try a little tenderness”? If not, no worries you will have an opportunity to not only hear the song but view the man while he was jamming it.  But anyway, that’s the theme of the title today if you need some happiness, try a LOT of honesty.  I know Otis says to try a LITTLE tenderness but I want you to understand in order to truly be happy you must truly be honest.


Watch the video and try a lot of happiness while viewing…


Check out this video and like this post if it made you wanna get up and dance :-) .


Happiness comes from trying a lot of honesty



Okay after watching that video did it make you feel like trying some tenderness with someone?  Come on you know it did.  Notice how the singer not only was enjoying singing but the band enjoyed playing as well as the crowd could not get enough.  When you are happy, it is infectious and you began to stir up everyone around you with the same type of emotions.  Happy people are healthy people and healthy people are happy people.


Happy people are happening people…happy people are attractive people :-)



I am amazed how quickly I can draw a crowd to me whenever I go hang out.  People tend to tell me that I am the “life of the party” but what does that mean exactly?  It means that the energy that I spread around, most people are drawn to it and because I CHOOSE to be happy, it attracts others around to do the same.  Does it mean that everything in my life is going perfect and everyday everything goes right ALLL of the time, absolutely not?  As a matter of fact, I have had more downfalls that I would care to count but I digressJ.  What it simply means is that I chose to be happy period, point blank, the end.


How can my honesty create happiness?



So I know you are asking, “How can my honesty create happiness?”  Simple.  I was reading today and something stood out to me about being honest.  When you chose to be honest, it starts from within and works its way outward.  I can always tell if someone is not honest with themselves because they find it hard to be honest with anyone else and they wonder why they have short-lived happiness.  But when you have true inner happiness, you won’t allow lies.  Integrity is a key to living without anxiety…when we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear.  Deceit enslaves while honesty liberates.  That HUGE!  If you want to truly be free you must truly be honest and it starts with you.

Are you truly free and living the life that you dream?  If not, ask yourself why.  Do you need to challenge yourself and/or step out and take a bold step?  If this sounds like you, click below and take the quiz.



Wow just the title alone kinda made me cringe.  When you take a look at the last few years of your life ask yourself have you made excuses or have you made progress?  How do you choose to be a winner versus a loser?  These are the questions that most people ponder but very few find the answers.

Losers make excuses…winners don’t need one


When you make a choice to win, you don’t make excuses.  There is a story about two different friends that grew up together.  They went to the same school, wore the same clothes, bought the same toys and pretty much did everything together.  They were both supposed to go to a seminar together when one of them got ill and could not make it.  So the friend who went to the seminar came back and brought the valuable experience with her and relayed the messages learned to her friend.  The messages spoke about changing their finances by changing the way they thought about money.

Winners take immediate action…losers take immediate offense


Immediately when the friend begin explaining what she learned, the other friend because to get upset and not wanted to listen anymore to the story.  A few days went by and the friend was even more fired up about the seminar.  It was all she could talk about.  The two young ladies for the first time in their lives were becoming further and further apart.  After about a year, the friend who attended the seminar received a phone call from her other friend and it went like this.


“Hey girl, how are you doing?”

“I’m really good, how about you?”

“Well I’m not really doing that well.  I may need a favor from you.  I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile and that’s mainly because I didn’t wanna bother you but now I am in a jam and cannot figure out how to get out.  I am about to get evicted and was wondering if I can come crash with you for a little while so I can get myself out of this hole I seem to have ended up in.”

“Sure thing, I just moved into a bigger house so yes I will do whatever I can to help you.”


Winner or loser which one will you choose?


Now which one of the friends do you think is the one that is being evicted? If you answered the friend who did not attend the seminar you are correct.  So I know your next question is, “well she was sick so she could not attend does that make her a loser?”  First of all her being sick does not make her a loser, her not allowing herself to learn and grow and make excuses for her not doing so allowed her to lose.  Her friend was more than willing to share the information; she was the one refusing to apply it.

Are you ready to become a winner in every aspect of your life and help others do the same?


Moral of the story, knowledge is not powerful, applied knowledge is powerful and if you apply knowledge you don’t need to make any excuses and if you don’t make excuses you will look for solutions.  Winners find solutions, losers find excuses :-) .  Are you a winner?  Take the quiz below and let’s find out.


Stop, drop, roll, and scream?


As I sat patiently in front of my Facebook page stalking my newsfeed (click like if you do this from time to time as well :-) ) one friend shared this video that absolutely made my day.  Me being the me that I am, I LOVE people, LOVE to laugh and LOVE to help others laugh so I wanted to show share the opportunity to have the laugh of your life for today.  Check out the video below.

Seriously stop, drop, roll, but don’t forget to SCREAM! :-)

See what I mean?


If you didn’t laugh, cry, and even pee a little while watching this you can stop reading right now but if you did, don’t this video just make you wanna share it with others so they can laugh, cry, and pee a little themselves? Or maybe just stop, drop, roll, and SCREAM? J Okay so since you are gonna share this video, just like I have shared with you, why not learn how to get paid to share silly videos like this that you would normally share for FREE?

How can I share videos and make money doing so?

So glad you asked that question!  Well just like I’m doing.  Somehow I got you to read this post and its making you think right? Of course it is!  Well guess what you can do it too!

Three Simple Steps.

Get in, get posted, and get paid.  Sorry did you want it to be more difficult?  Sorry I don’t know about you but I’m not the type of person who likes to work hard, I like to work smart.  :-)

So how exactly can you make money every time that you share these viral pictures and videos and new stories?


You share them to your Custom Affiliate Blog (which is created for you) and then use a powerful Viral Social Media Sharing Tool (at no cost) to share it on Facebook.

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